Professional Pet Sitting Service in Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa, Tempe and Surrounding Areas

Your life is stressful enough. With pet sitting services from K9 Convenience in Ahwatukee, Tempe, Chandler, Gilbert, Queen Creek, and Mesa you no longer need to worry who is going to care for your pet(s) while you are away. Our dedicated team of professionals is here to serve you when you need to get away. It is our mission to be the world’s leading provider of in-home pet care services.

Our Roots

K9 Convenience is the leading provide of in-home pet care services for the active family.

K9 Convenience was built to to fulfill the need for a processional and reliable service for pets and active families. Experienced in providing exceptional care in the home, K9 Convenience offers pet care service second to none. When you use K9 Convenience, your pet will enjoy our service while you enjoy the convenience.

To learn more about our roots, visit our About Us page.

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Consistent, Caring, and Committed
K9 Convenience has taken great care of our dog, Chewie, on various occasions.  We have used their services for days at a time while we were on vacation, daily visits when we were too busy to get home to let Chewie outside and even an emergency visit when my wife went into labor.  Each and every time they were consistent, caring and committed to providing excellent care of our pup.  We would absolutely recommend their services to anyone and everyone.
Scott A.
Chandler, AZ

Professional Pet Sitting Service

As pet owners and pet caretakers, we understand the challenges you face when trying to juggle many responsibilities and commitments. We also understand the guilt you feel when asking family and friends for help with their pets. The K9 Convenience team specializes in providing round the clock care to provide you with the convenience you deserve.

Whether you need a mid-day visit to let your pet outside, multiple visits while you are away on travel, or assistance with housebreaking a new pet; K9 Convenience can help you.

Our Pet Caretakers

Our pet caretakers are screened through a thorough interviewing process that involves criminal background checks, department of motor vehicle checks, and six reference checks.

Using the K9 Convenience team gives you the assurance that your pet will always received exceptional, reliable care at the promised time. We encourage you to review the differences between our staff and companies that may appear to be similiar to ours.

Our Clients

Our clients include families juggling pet ownership with personal commitments, families that prefer to keep their pet in the comfort of their home while traveling, and new pet owners who need assistance with housebreaking training. Complete our Service Assessment to determine if you could benefit from our services.

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