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We are the owners of the local K9 Convenience pet care business. Our names are Bob and Makalla Fritz and we are avid pet lovers. We love to travel but had to scramble to identify friends, family, or neighbors to care for our pets while away. Like many of you, we also rushed home during lunch breaks or immediately after work to care for our pets.

We want to earn the privilege to provide you with the freedom and flexibility you do not always have when owning a pet. At K9 Convenience, we understand the challenges of an active lifestyle and pet ownership. The K9 Convenience team differentiates ourselves not only by what we do but how we do it.


Bob brings his experience of pet ownership along with:

  • Bachelor’s from University of Nebraska at Omaha
  • 4 years of military service in the US Army including serving in Iraq
  • 9 years as a small business consultant for businesses providing in-home care to seniors

Makalla brings her experience of pet ownership along with:

  • Masters in Counseling from University of Nebraska at Omaha
  • Bachelor’s from Iowa State University
  • 12 years of serving the community as an educator at the high school level

Mission Statement

To be the leading provider of family and pet services by providing trained, professional pet caretakers, and first rate customer service.

Core Values

  • Treat all people and pets with dignity and respect
  • Commit to being the best you can be
  • To be solution oriented

Our Clients

Our clients include families juggling pet ownership with personal commitments, families that prefer to keep their pet in the comfort of their home while traveling, and new pet owners who need assistance with housebreaking training. Complete our Service Assessment to determine if you could benefit from our services.

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