Key Differences About Our Pet Sitting Phoenix vs Others

Our Dogs | Pet Sitting Phoenix, AZ

When comparing various pet sitting Phoenix services, please note K9 Convenience does the following:

  • Takes a team approach to meeting your needs and exceeding expectations in caring for your pet.

There is no I in TEAM. Life happens and if one of our Pet Caretakers is unable to care for your pet due to a well-earned vacation, a sick child, or other personal issues; one of our trusted, bonded, and insured caretakers will be there to care for your pet so you don’t need to struggle finding another.

  • Employs W-2 employees meaning they are part of our team.

K9 Convenience hires all of their employees through a thorough hiring process that includes a criminal background check, DMV check, multiple interviews, plus professional and personal references check. We do not ask our employees to give us a copy of their background check, we run through one of the most nationally recognized background check companies.  As a company that employs W-2 employees, we cover all payroll taxes and workers compensation insurance. If you decide to go with a company that uses independent contractors, ask them who is liable if something happens to them in your home. Also, ask them who is liable to cover federal and state unemployment, social security, and Medicare taxes.  As an employer of W-2 employees, we provide direct supervision whereas companies that use independent contractors are unable.

  • Does not perform services just as a passive hobby.

We do this because we love pets, we want to provide a living for our employees where a positive culture is instilled, we understand the challenges of having an active lifestyle and owning pets, and have the desire to deliver a superior service to active families. Our business is our team’s livelihood.

  • We prefer not to use the phrase pet sitting anywhere in our materials.

Although, that’s the common term used for our service.  To us, sitting implies our employees sit. You are paying for a first rate service. Our Pet Caretakers will engage your pet the entire time they are in your home by following the plan of care we develop. Rest assured, we will provide your pet the love and attention he/she would receive if you were home.

Our Clients

Our clients include families:

  • juggling pet ownership with personal commitments
  • prefer to keep their pet in the comfort of their home while traveling
  • new pet owners who need assistance with housebreaking training

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