Best Dog Walker in Phoenix AZ

Finding The Best Dog Walkers in Phoenix AZ
26 Jun, 2019

Best Dog Walker in Phoenix AZ

There are a lot of great reasons to hire a dog walker in Phoenix, AZ. Maybe you recently adopted a new puppy or an older dog, and you want to make sure they get the potty breaks they need. Maybe your schedule has changed, perhaps you just had a baby or it’s busy season at work, and you can’t take your dog out as often as you used to. Or maybe you’ve noticed some behavioral issues, and believe your dog will benefit from some extra exercise and stimulation. Whatever your reason, finding the right dog walker in Phoenix AZ can make a wonderful difference in your dog’s life, and in yours.

Finding The Best Dog Walkers in Phoenix AZ

Professional dog walking has grown rapidly over the last ten years, and more and more dog lovers enter the field every day. What most dog owners don’t realize is that, because walking is a young business, there is currently no regulating body to dictate the standards of care or qualifications for the work. In short, anyone can call themselves a dog walker, with nothing but a love of dogs to qualify their resume.

But providing a consistent and professional experience for clients takes more than the passion we all share for animals.

There are specialized knowledge and skill sets, as well as ethical business practices that are necessary to ensure the safety of the dogs in a walker’s care, as well as the safety and enjoyment of other dogs and humans who share the trails, parks, and sidewalks.

Ask for recommendations

A good way to start looking for a dog walker in Phoenix AZ, is by asking for recommendations of reputable companies, not individuals. If you have friends who use a dog walker, find out what their experiences have been like. What happens when that person is not available? How do you provide constructive feedback without fear of retaliation or diminished service offering? You can also ask around the dog park or even see if your vet has anyone whom they would recommend. Of course, even if you get a glowing recommendation, there are still other steps you should take before saying, “You’re hired!”

Local shelters or Veterinarians

Check with local shelters and at your vet’s office or groomers for a referral. Many veterinary technicians (vet nurses) do dog walking and/or pet sitting on the side, and this can be extremely useful if your dog also requires medications or other treatments in addition to their walks. Also, determine if hiring them to perform work for you violates any agreement they have with their vet. Also, determine if the have their own insurance in the event there is property damage at your residence, injury to your pet, or if they are injured while providing care.

Invite candidates to meet your dog 

I think it’s more important to partner with a company and not an individual. This industry is so fragmented because it’s viewed as individuals instead of looking at the accountability of what a company that provides W2 employees is able to bring.  We receive so many inquiries from clients whose pet sitter or dog walker wasn’t showing up or bailed on them. Those occurrences don’t happen with us because we are monitoring the activity of our team and we have 100% visit fulfillment.  We can’t guarantee the same dog walker due time off requests and emergencies but we can ensure a consistent, professional, experience, and someone that monitors the performance of each visit. Some dog walkers might guarantee they’re the only ones doing your visits. Until they can’t.

Go for a test walk

There is a theory that there is a right way to walk a dog.  We all have seen numerous types of harnesses and methods to walk a dog.  We encourage clients to choose a method that is safe for them and their dog as well as one they believe can be done consistently that makes sense. We’re providing a service in the client’s absence and we’ll prescribe to their method of walking.  I don’t believe there is one right way but I will say there are wrong ways to walk a dog. We’re not trainers but we’re a company that follows a plan that creates higher likelihood of success for our clients.

We won’t walk dogs in a pack either.  We actually train our dog walkers not to allow our dogs to interact with others.  This mitigates a significant amount of risk for our employees as well as the pets we care for. There is no way to determine how animals will interact with one another. We try to provide the safest way to provide the service while meeting the objectives of each client’s needs.

Here are some questions to ask dog walkers in Phoenix AZ

  • How long have you been in business?
  • Do you carry insurance?  If so, what type of policies are in place?
  • Do you have a team of walkers?
  • Are your walkers’ employees or independent contractors?
  • How will I know when walks are taking place?
  • Is your business registered in the state?
  • What happens if the walker gets injured inside my home?
  • What happens if a walker gets sick or asks for time off?
  • Where do you walk dogs?
  • How do I schedule visits?
  • How will I know how long each walk lasted?
  • Do you send daily updates of how each walk went?
  • How do I communicate with my walker?
  • How do I communicate if I have a concern about the service?
  • Do you walk on-leash or off-leash?
  • Can I schedule walks last minute or on weekends?
  • Are you open on holidays?
  • What are the requirements to walk my dog?

These types of questions will allow you to see what company best fit your needs and will open the dialogue in getting to know each company that you interview.

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