Best Phoenix Dog Parks

best Phoenix dog parks
14 Aug, 2019

Best Phoenix Dog Parks

There are few things in life a dog loves more than running off-leash with his canine comrades. No matter where you live or where you’re headed in Phoenix, Arizona, we can help you find the best dog parks. The metro area has gone out of its way to provide ample space for dogs to burn off energy by running and playing outside. Our guide provides you the best Phoenix dog parks.

Best Phoenix Dog Parks

Rated among the top 10 cities for dogs, Phoenix pet sitters know that dog parks are plentiful for your pooch to play and get off the leash.  Keeping Rover in mind, take a look at the best dog parks around the Valley.

Steele Indian School Dog Park

Paw-shaped pathways at this Central Phoenix location leave little question for what or whom this park was designed. The Steele Indian School Dog Park invites off-leash activity for both large and small dogs with separate play areas for each.

Doggy water fountains offer refreshments for pups during or after a big day of play. There are also shade trees and a few seats and tables for pet owners to relax.

PetSmart Dog Park at Washington Park

Considered by many the best dog park in Phoenix, this park sponsored by PETsMART has a great layout and two watering stations. The park is ADA accessible and benches, shade, and mutt mitt dispensers are great for the human side of the equation. Heavy rainfall and flood irrigation mean occasional closures in this and many dog parks in Phoenix, so it’s not a bad idea to call ahead. PetSmart is partnering with Phoenix to create more pop up parks as well.

RJ Dog Park at Pecos Park

Visiting this park will allow you and your canine to honor a K-9 who gave his life in the line of duty in 2005. R.J. served the Phoenix police department for more than 300 deployments and the park is named in his honor. Perhaps this is why some note that regulars take more care to clean up after their pets and respect the area.

Chaparral Park in Scottsdale

Chaparral Park’s off-leash area caters to both active and passive pets with separate sections for both. Sand pits and concrete structures allow active canines to climb and explore.

You will also find drinking areas for dogs and people, evening lighting, and plenty of benches for dog parents to sit and keep watch.

Sahuaro Ranch Dog Park in Glendale

Small dogs and their owners are frequent visitors to this park in Glendale that offers a few pieces of agility equipment for off-leash training and exercise.

Outside of its dog designated area, Sahuaro Ranch Park also invites visitors to roam the grounds, which is home to historic ranch buildings, soccer fields, a softball complex and a picnic area.

Hance Dog Park

A common complaint about Phoenix dog parks is inadequate lighting, but Hance provides great light for your four-legged friend to frolic by as the sun goes down. According to Friends of Hance Dog Park, it’s the first urban dog park built in Phoenix and their page not only posts routinely about closures but also dogs that get loose in the area. For nearby residents this park is a daily visit to burn off energy and socialize.

Rose Mofford Sports Complex Dog Park

Your dog doesn’t have to be a sports fan to enjoy the acres of fun at the south end of the Rose Mofford Sports Complex. If you’re going to be in North Phoenix with your dog and need an exercise stop for your buddy, have a ball and score some time with similar-sized dogs in one of the gated off-leash areas.

Crossroads Dog Park 

This two-acre Gilbert dog park is perfect for owners who want a more confined space for their dogs to play. The park offers three picnic ramadas available for reservation any day of the week. These ramadas perfect for dog parties or group play time. Bring either your active dog or more timid pup to Crossroads; there is a section for each. The shaded benches and tables are a great place for owners to relax as their dogs play. The designated dog drinking fountains are great for those hot summer days.

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