Everything from Dog Walking to Pet Sitting

Whether you need daytime pet care, pet sitting in the comfort of your own home, or waste pickup; rely on the Pet Caretakers at K9 Convenience. Our qualified caretakers know exactly how to keep your pet happy and healthy while you are away. We care for dogs, cats, fish, rodents, reptiles, and more!

Pet Sitting Services

You may feel guilty leaving your pet in a kennel while you are away. Avoid the kennel completely with our in-home pet sitting services. Our insured and bonded Pet Caretakers give you peace of mind and care for your pet(s) from the comfort of your own home while you are on vacation.

Every Day Services

Every day pet care services are available for families on the go. Guilt and worry disappear with our mid-day visits. You no longer need to speed home on your lunch break to let out your pets or take a raincheck on socializing with co-workers at the end of the day. You get freedom and peace of mind with our daytime pet care services that can include dog walking!

Pet Care Services

Bathroom Breaks


A K9 Convenience caretaker will let your pet outdoors to relieve themselves.


No need to rush home from your busy day during your lunch hour or beat rush hour traffic to ensure your pet does not make a mess in your beautiful home.

Food / Water


K9 Convenience will provide your pet with the necessary food and water it needs to stay healthy until you are able to make it home.


You do not have to worry about ensuring whether or not you fed your dog before you bolted out the door in the morning. K9 Convenience will ensure your pet’s belly is full and they have plenty of water to drink.



K9 Convenience will provide your pet the opportunity to get outside, socialize, and stretch the legs.


It is not always easy to find time after a long at the office to provide adequate exercise. K9 Convenience can offer a variety of ways to ensure your pet gets the exercise he/she needs and some fresh air instead of being cooped up in your home all day long.

Waste Pickup


A K9 Convenience caretaker will pick up the waste in your yard to maintain a clean environment for your family and your pet.


Picking up waste is one of the least enjoyable tasks of pet ownership. Leave this task to us and come home to clean yard and/or litter box so you can spend quality time with your family.

Indirect Services

  • We will ensure all doors are locked and secure
  • We will retrieve your mail from the mailbox
  • We will pick up newspapers from the porch or driveway
  • We will water your plants
  • We will alternate leaving lights on and off

Our Clients

Our clients include families juggling pet ownership with personal commitments, families that prefer to keep their pet in the comfort of their home while traveling, and new pet owners who need assistance with housebreaking training. Complete our Service Assessment to determine if you could benefit from our services.

Contact us today to schedule  an appointment with a K9 Convenience Care Director.