Table Scraps Are NOT Good for Your Pets

table Scraps Are NOT Good for Your Pets
25 Sep, 2019

Table Scraps Are NOT Good for Your Pets

In a lot of households, it’s a common sight to see dog owners feeding table scraps to their pets when it’s time for dinner – but in reality, it’s one of the worst things you can do to your pet’s health. Table scraps aren’t good (or healthy) for pets at all.

Why Table Scraps Are NOT Good for Your Pets?

Here are a few essential reasons why you shouldn’t be feeding table scraps to your pets.

Dogs Have Sensitive Digestive Systems

Dogs have extremely sensitive digestive systems. Foods that humans would handle fine can wreak havoc on a dog or cat’s stomach and lead to serious stomach upsets. If it’s done regularly, dogs can develop more long-term health issues and it might even lead to sudden weight loss and allergy-like reactions.

Bones Are Dangerous

Dogs love bones, but that doesn’t mean that all bones are good for their health. Many bones fracture into thin slivers instead of breaking – and this can get stuck in their mouths, throats or intestines and cause serious problems that include internal bleeding. If you want to treat your dog, many healthy dog treats can be made at home.

Food Contains Additives and Preservatives

Human food can contain a lot of additives and preservatives. We already know that too many of these preservatives and additives aren’t great for the human diet – and because animals process foods differently to us, it can be even worse for them. Long-term exposure to foods with additives and preservatives can cause repetitive digestive upsets, especially in dogs, and might even increase their risk of developing conditions like cancer.

Dogs Process Salts Differently

Other than additives and preservatives, salt is the one mineral that dogs don’t process very well. Simply, their kidneys can’t handle it – and table scraps that contain any salt at all can have a hugely negative effect on their health.

Dogs Have Specific Diets

Dogs have very specific diets that are usually adjusted based on their size and type of breed. The same is true for cats and most other animals. Table scraps are insufficient in nutrients for most animals, and other than that, they are likely to contain ingredients that an animal’s diet could do without.

A licensed vet can help to recommend the best possible diet for your dog and tell you which supplements need to be added. Especially when it comes to older animals, this is vital.

Digestive Disorders Are Common in Pets

Dogs and other animals can develop many long-term health issues from table scraps, including perforations in the stomach and ulcerative colitis. Dogs can also have allergies and sensitivities to ingredients like gluten, which are best avoided in the average pet’s diet. Want a healthy pet? Make sure they’re following the right diet, and take them to a vet where you see any issues arise.

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