K9 Convenience Testimonials

Consistent, Caring, and Committed

K9 Convenience has taken great care of our dog, Chewie, on various occasions.  We have used their services for days at a time while we were on vacation, daily visits when we were too busy to get home to let Chewie outside and even an emergency visit when my wife went into labor.  Each and every time they were consistent, caring and committed to providing excellent care of our pup.  We would absolutely recommend their services to anyone and everyone.

Scott A. // Chandler, AZ

K9 Convenience Always Comes Through

Since we started using K9 Convenience, there is no longer a question on who is going to care for our dogs. Whether we’re not able to make it home during the day, staying overnight somewhere or going on vacation; the K9 Convenience team always comes through for us.

Lindsay W. // Chandler, AZ

K9 Convenience Provides Us With Freedom

I am writing this review to all of those people who like myself, fear the unknown. I recently was in need of a dog sitter for my two over bearing, hyperactive, spoiled Yorkies. I no longer wanted to kennel the boys because of the stress. If I could only find a trustworthy person to come by the house and feed the boys, give them some water, and make sure they were surviving. After much searching I found an ex-serviceman, war veteran, now small businessman Bob Fritz of K9 Convenience. After our first meeting with Bob, I could see the confidence he had dealing with my Yorkies, and a stressed out dog dad. I felt a comfort zone that enabled me to go away on a three day trip assured, that not only were my two guys going to be cared for but I could trust Bob with my home. Bob and K9 Convenience have now given my wife and I the freedom in retirement to visit to all of the wonderful western cities we came here to see with peace of mind. So I hope this review helps those of you out there that have had a bad experience in the past with sitters or are looking for a sitter for the first time. I would highly recommend you call Bob Fritz and K9 Convenience for a self-assuring bonding session with Bob, your dogs and yourself. Keep the Faith.

Jim M. // Gilbert, AZ

Our Clients

Our clients include families juggling pet ownership with personal commitments, families that prefer to keep their pet in the comfort of their home while traveling, and new pet owners who need assistance with housebreaking training. Complete our Service Assessment to determine if you could benefit from our services.

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