Things Your Pet Sitter Needs to Know

Things Your Pet Sitter Needs to Know
23 Jan, 2020

Things Your Pet Sitter Needs to Know

Leaving your furry friend at home when you travel is an unnerving experience. You need a reliable and trustworthy sitter to take care of your animals while you’re away. Make sure your sitter knows these seven things before you pack everything in the car and head for the airport.

7 Things Your Pet Sitter Needs to Know about Your Pet

Emergency Numbers

Make sure that your sitter has your number. Give them the details of your local veterinarian in case of emergencies, as well. If a crisis does emerge while you’re away, make sure your sitter calls you after taking your pet to the vet.

Handling an Emergency

As they say, hope for the best and plan for the worst. While no-one expects anything will go wrong while you’re away, your sitter needs to know what to do in a crisis. Leaving a phone number isn’t enough.

Do you want your sitter to make medical decisions on your behalf if they can’t get hold of you on the phone? Vet bills can be expensive, so make sure you set the ground rules before giving your sitter full digression to approve treatment.

Set Your Expectations

Give your sitter a list of expectations before you leave. For instance, when to feed the animals, and where to walk them if necessary. Do you want your sitter to live at your home, or drop by once or twice a day? Make sure you’re clear with this before you leave.

Administering Medication

If your pets need any medications, make sure you write down any protocol before leaving. Make sure your sitter understands which drugs are which if you’re giving your pets more than one medication. Mistakes in dosing your pets could end up with a trip to the vet’s office, and an unnecessary expense.


Don’t leave any guesswork to the sitter when they feed your pet. Show them exactly how much to feed your animals, and at what times of the day. Pets are like people; they like to keep a schedule of consistent meal times.

What Are Your House Rules?

Can the dog come inside? Can the cats sit on the couch? When do you let them out to do their business, do they give you any subtle signs?

Normal Vs. Strange Behavior

Tell your sitter about any quirks your pets might have that might be out of the ordinary. For example, your dog might bark at people who pass the gate, but if he does it inside at night, there might be an intruder on the property.

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